Brochure Design | Northern Capital

The Project

Northern Capital wanted to create a brochure that provided general background on their firm and introduced a specific financial product. The brochure was going to be sent to European bank CEOs and senior management while also would accompany the business partners in face-to-face meetings.

Creative Direction

We decided to get creative and think “outside the box” – no cookie-cutter brochure.
I looked at the website and ensured we did not steer too far from the brand’s overall aesthetic. I wanted to create something that felt premium and sharp.

I researched the European financial POR and pulled keywords from the copy provided by Norther Capital in order to start thinking of visuals.

I found that most of the keywords in the brochure were non-physical and the product is a technological software. I wanted to create custom abstract graphics that will give the feeling of speed and harmony.

First Fold
Second Fold