Direction & Design | Article Covers

These covers are designed for an online newspaper that
covers all financial and legal aspects of selling a small to
mid-sized company. We wanted to break out of the stock
photo and inconsistent look so we designed a direction
and aesthetic that would make the visual, consistent,
and appealing while communicating the article information.


•Look knowledgeable & reliable
•Look like we are energetic and take action
•Create an interesting and attractive visual
•Maintain consistency amongst each other.


•The visual represents the article in a logical fashion
•Use a variety of color shapes forms and perspectives
•Use unique and surreal compositions
•Represent the target audience with the models and objects selected

I started using old paper textures, and gritty and noisy backgrounds to bring in the element of the “older” audience
and to help the consistency across the 80 articles. As far as the visual compositions
I was inspired by surreal art, finance charts, and minimalism.