Direction & Design | Article Covers

These covers are designed for an online newspaper that
covers all financial and legal aspects of selling a small to
mid-sized company. We wanted to break out of the stock
photo and inconsistent look so we designed a direction
and aesthetic that would make the visual, consistent,
and appealing while communicating the article information.

The Designs are Inspired by Surreal Art, Geometry, Math & Finance.

The use of noise and gritty textures is the one element used in all the covers to bring visual consistency and communicate the “older” quality of the audience. A play with humans, financial charts and recognizable objects help the visitor quickly identify the article content.

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Art Direction

Through conversation,
we extracted the primary objectives. Through research, we built the best solutions.


Look knowledgeable & reliable

Look like we are energetic and take action

Create an interesting and attractive visual

Maintain consistency amongst each other.


The visual represents the article in a logical fashion

Use a variety of color shapes forms and perspectives

Use unique and surreal compositions

Represent the target audience with the models and objects selected